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Since the COVID-19 global pandemic, many people are now more concerned about their health and mental well-being than ever before. Considering that the health supplement industry in South Africa is worth R8 Billion and growing steadily, this is the perfect opportunity to become an affiliate for a health supplement brand like Muthi Supplements (Pty) Ltd.

  • We manufacture and pack our own products in South Africa through a world-class social enterprise organic food packing company.
  • We are determined to keep the cost of our products as affordable as possible so that everybody can afford the benefits of good nutrition without breaking the bank.
  • We do not sell through retail channels or distributors and will only ever sell directly to the public through our online shop, ensuring the best prices for our valued customers.
  • We are committed to providing only the highest quality, natural, organic products to the market.

Our affiliate opportunity pays you a lifetime 10% commission for every purchase done through your referral link. Once a customer you refer makes their first purchase through your affiliate link, then all future purchases they make with us will earn you a 10% affiliate commission…for life!


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πŸ€ How to Get Started? πŸ€

  1. Sign Up: Scroll down to the affiliate signup form at the bottom of this page to get started.
  2. Access Resources: Gain instant access to a treasure trove of marketing materials, product information, and promotional tools to kick-start your affiliate journey.
  3. Share & Earn: Start sharing the magic of our natural health supplements with your network. As your referrals turn into happy customers, your commission will start pouring in!
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